Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Maxam He-Man Combo Pack 11-in-1 Tool and Falcon II Lockback Knife

Maxam “He-Man” Combo Pack. This is a triumphant combination putting the 11-in-1 master tool and “Falcon II” lockback knife into one compact unit. Both fit in a special double pouch. This heavy-duty Kelvlon™ pouch can be attached to a belt horizontally or vertically for comfort and convenience. The serrated blade knife has a lightweight Leymar™ handle with pocket clip. It easily opens with either hand. Features * Pliers * Wire Cutters * Bottle Opener * File * Phillips Screwdriver * 3 Slotted Screwdrivers * Large Cutting Blade * Small Cutting Blade Doubles as an Awl/Punch and Can Opener * Measures 4" Closed and 6-3/4" Open * Lockback for Safety * Limited Lifetime Warranty * Gift Boxed Suggested Retail Price : $27.95

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